We start by having a chat about your goals, and then doing an SEO audit on your website, especially your link profile. From there, we'll be able to give you a range of comfortable minimum and maximum links per month that we'd recommend.

You would ideally have a number of keywords already ranking, as well as a history of backlinks. You should have previously invested in quality content, and be adding to it regularly.

Once we agree, then we get to work. We purposefully prefer to start slow, and build up. We don't want the link gods to fire lightning ⚡ at us for any spammy looking activity. As such, we'll choose mostly mid to high range websites, however we won't stick to one band of domain rating (DR) or domain authority (DA).

It's important that we have at least 3-6 pages and 3-6 keywords to choose from. The bolts of lightning ⚡ would definitely come, if we were to build 50 links with the same anchor text, pointing to the same internal page.

At the start of every month, we'll send a short email 🎉 with a link to our live Google Sheet report, which shows you the articles you have featured in, the anchor text used, and your current website metrics.

We'll highlight anything you should be doing, and anything we feel needs changing at our end too.

We use a pay for performance model. 💪 No links means no pay. We invoice monthly with 7 day terms for the links we built in the previous calendar month.

Interested? Email publshdteam at gmail dot com